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AES Homes Is An Accredited TERM-Seal Installer To Provide Long-Lasting Termite Protection To New And Existing Buildings 

TERM-seal provides high quality treatments and termite barriers for pre-construction, renovations, and additions as well as post-construction. It is suitable for all types of residential properties.

Building a new home is one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make. Although termite proofing may not be as exciting as choosing the design of your new kitchen or the tiles for your bathroom it is far more important.

100% Australian owned, TERM-seal termite systems are innovative and cost competitive products developed for termite proofing for new and existing buildings, with the bonus of the coatings and sealants also meeting the requirements for waterproofing solutions.

How TERM-seal works

TERM-seal termite systems prevent termites and moisture gaining access to the property by forming a barrier containing a low level of Bifenthrin (Pyrethroid family) that are safe for humans but deadly to termites.

Fully Guaranteed

  • TERM-seal systems come with a 50 year product warranty, and
  • a 20 year product warranty for Multi-Purpose System for use on back-filled walls and external joints.

Find out more about TERM-seal products by talking to one of our consultants.

Feel free to Download the documents below

Certificate of Conformity Certificate of Conformity (27 KB)

Termseal Active Systems Brochure Termseal Active Systems Brochure (1272 KB)

Ura-Fen Shield Ura-Fen Shield (830 KB)

Termseal Builder and Architect Presentation Termseal Builder and Architect Presentation (426 KB)

Termseal Brochure Termseal Brochure (433 KB)