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Happy Where You Are? Create Some Extra Room By Extending Your Existing Home With AES Homes

As families grow, it sometimes means a little more room (or rooms!) are needed, or the layout of a house might need to be adjusted to accommodate changing needs. If you like your neighbourhood and your current home is generally adequate, it may make more sense to extend your current home or renovate existing rooms rather than relocate or rebuild.

Just as AES Homes can create new homes we can also modify, extend, overhaul, or add to your home if that makes better sense for you.

Weighing up the best option

Importantly, because we are experts in all kinds of building, we can guide you when considering all your options - especially when weighing up the expense and effort of selling, rebuilding or renovating your property.

If you decide to stay, AES Home will help you create more space

  • Extensions
    A successful extension should look as though it has always been there. AES Homes will work with you to design additional rooms or space in sympathy with the architecture of your existing home. Perhaps it may be more cost effective for you to extend outwards. Or if land space is restricted, you may choose a first floor addition and take advantage of potential views.

  • Renovations
    Sometimes people start out with the plan to do a simple one-room renovation which over time evolves in to a major rebuild! AES Homes will listen to your needs and guide you to decide exactly the type of renovation that will suit your requirements and budget.

If you need more room but don’t know where to start, give AES Homes a call.